on gratitude

As I contemplated the chances of my dream color not coming true, I reflected on what I could take from this exercise, if not a win. The voting process was intense, so it was a real possibility. The thing that I arrived at was gratitude. It all clicked. Even if I did not win, the voting process showed me that I had the support of many people. I was floored by how many people showed up for me. I was genuinely touched by the outpour of positivity, well wishes, and desire to assist me to reach my goal. It was and is inspiring. 

I am thrilled to say that we did it! My dream color will be made in collaboration with Rescue Beauty Lounge for The Fan Collection 3.0 along with six other sure to be beautiful colors. There is no way that it all could have happened without all the people who rallied for me. I am filled with gratitude, and I will cherish this feeling. Many thanks to everyone for their support!



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