gamine style: the ballet flat, pt. 2

Ballet flats are a year round staple in many wardrobes. I love the ease of this look and the casual elegance that ballet flat brings to it. It would be perfect for a weekend day outing with friends, perhaps to brunch or shopping. As the weather chills, you could change it up a bit with dark tights and ankle boots, like the model. You could also add a navy pea coat for extra warmth. 


dress | lipstick | earrings | nail polish | clutch | ballet flats

What I love about the particular ballet flats shown above is that they remind me of my first pair of ballet flats that I got with my mother during a visit to see family in France. I remember being fascinated by the little heel, comforted by the smooth, supple leather, and delighted by the resemblance to my ballet slippers. I wore them with everything! It goes to show that a classic never goes out of style.