wardrobe hero: the striped shirt

Hey there! Happy Spring!! I am so glad to be moving on from winter and thought I would mark the vernal equinox with a post dedicated to one of my favorite clothing items -- the striped shirt. The striped shirt is an essential item in my wardrobe and on my basics list. I have yet to meet a stripe I didn't like. Generally, I keep a few of them in my closet and try to mix up the color combinations, stripe thickness, sleeve length, and material weight. The striped shirt seen here has a nice, even thickness of the stripe. It also has a linear break on the torso that creates visual interest, elevating the shirt's style. 

Here are a few of my current favorite striped shirt options. As we progress from spring to summer, I will add a couple more light weight, short sleeved or sleeveless versions to my wardrobe. I will share my picks on the shop page when I find worthy ones! For now though, enjoy the fresh, crispness of spring and Bon week-end!