splurge versus save: silver platform brogues

I started thinking about platform brogues while I was planning spring/summer shoe purchases. I had noticed them around on the web and the feet of street style stars attending fashion month events. I thought that they looked pretty cool and hunted around to see where and if they were available. I found a few beautiful iterations from Prada, including a flashy silver, but they came with a hefty Prada price tag - ringing in at around $990. 

Not one to be easily deterred, I kept hunting around and came across a pretty similar dupe for the flashy silver brogues, from Zara. When I first found them, they were nearly sold out in all sizes. I signed up for restock notification, and it came in the other day. The Zara shoe, while still not a basement bargain, costs about $120. It is just over 12% of the cost of the Prada shoe. 

Silver platform brogues are quite a statement shoe. For some, it may make sense to splurge on a luxe pair from Prada. For others, it may make more sense to save a little cash and still play with the trend with the pair from Zara. 

Which would you choose, the splurge or the save?