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punk style icon: kathleen hanna

Kathleen Hanna is a modern, feminist, punk icon. She has served as the face of the Riot Grrrl movement and front woman for bands (with an S) Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, and, most recent, The Julie Ruin. She was never afraid to speak her mind and continues to do so through her various projects and speaking engagements. Recently, a film about her life debuted at SXSW to critical acclaim entitled, The Punk Singer. The film is making the rounds at film festivals across the country. The Julie Ruin also released an album entitled, Run Fast, September 3rd, with a stateside tour. Her style has evolved and refined over the years (I am sure that we all hope to evolve and refine over the years!) but remains a bit eccentric and quirky with a good measure of irreverence.


images via vulture, spin

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