gamine style: the ballet flat

Recently, T magazine published this article about the return of the flat. It is an enjoyable read, arguing that the modern woman now finds confidence via a flat shoe instead of only through a high heel. In a cute illustration, it shows about ten women in fashion seated presumably at a fashion show, in their signature looks which include flats. 

Flats, specifically ballet flats, are a mainstay of the gamine wardrobe and shoe game. They maintain a simple, feminine, youthful allure that is necessary for the overall gamine look. They provide a girly, grounded aspect to the overall look. Ballet flats can be worn with a variety of items ranging from cropped pants to minidresses. A person pursuing gamine style would choose the ballet flat even for a formal look opposed to a stiletto heel (think Sophia Coppola at an awards show).  

I have been fond of flats for years. In fact, there was a time a few years back when I swore off heels altogether, strictly wearing flats for work, play, and in between. Now, I still have love for the flat and keep a pair in my wardrobe. I integrate my flats with other styles, like a conservative heel (like 2") to a high heel (for me at ~4"). However, if I am honest with myself I will admit that I am a flats girl too.  


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