dior & i

Last Saturday, I went to the AFI Docs screening of Dior & I at the National Portrait Gallery with my SO. The documentary shows the period right after Raf Simons came on as the creative director at Dior, leading up to his first haute couture showing, which would happen eight weeks later. The documentary provides a rare glimpse into the world of Dior's in-house atelier. We got to meet many of the faces behind those beautiful, well constructed pieces and develop an understanding of their love of their craft. I had a new appreciation for all the work they put in!

I also enjoyed seeing how Raf formed his vision and worked with the atelier to realize it. The culminating moment in the documentary was the showing. It was especially memorable because it was held in a classic, Parisian mansion filled with flowers. Rooms within the mansion had walls covered with flowers. Can you imagine how fragrant that must have been? There were white orchids, goldenrods, delphiniums, and multi-color roses to name a few. 



I'm not sure about future showings of the documentary but it seems to be making the film festival rounds. Here is an excerpt of the final, nail-biting hours before show time.