brow goals

What can I say, I am pretty much obsessed with eyebrows. I like them full, natural, and youthful. Even on days when I don't wear makeup, I still like to make sure that my eyebrows are groomed. For me, that means using a little brow product to ensure that they stay in place.


Not too long ago the fun-loving, young beauty brand Glossier released a brow product called Boy Brow that I have been using. It is a soft wax with a tint that comes in three colors - blond, brown, and black. The wand has a small, short brush for more controlled application. I like that it puts the hairs in place but does not have a crunchy, stiff look once it dries. 


The lead up to the Boy Brow product release got me thinking about my brow shape, well that along with all the images of women with fantastic eyebrows. Honestly, I like the overall size and shape but I felt that they could use a little tweak. I decided to start the slow process of growing them in a bit, specifically the inner part. So far, I have some growth but it is not full yet. I am hoping that after another month or so they will fill in and blend with the rest of my brows. Upwards and outwards!