praise for Personal shopping

Working with Lygie was extremely helpful. I felt confident in the items, and benefited from her knowledge and expertise in the area greatly. I just had my engagement photos done, and, thanks to her help picking out the items and all the instructions, was able to apply my make-up appropriately and look beautiful and bride-y. Thank you, Eclectic Refined!
— Amanda
Lygie is a joy to work with. She has an easygoing and affirming nature that makes her easy to shop with. Lygie also has a great eye for fashion and the talent of picking out items that match your vision of yourself, not just what’s trendy. Her advice in how to integrate new pieces into my wardrobe as well as how and when to phase out old ones was invaluable. I would recommend Lygie to anyone who wants to take their personal image to the next level.
— Brice