winter beauty: dry, chapped lip solution

I don't know about you but I tend to obsess about my lips, specifically their moisture levels. Because of this obsession, I am really into (more or less addicted) to lip balms and the like. It is so bad that often times when I am with someone or even see someone applying lip balm, I feel a compulsive urge to apply some myself. It is like I can feel my lips drying out as they apply!

Anyways, in the winter when it is extra dry and even more moisture is needed, I use reinforcements for my lips in the form of lip scrub. I am really into Fresh Sugar Lip Polish. It is a brown sugar, shea butter, and jojoba oil based scrub that smells faintly of a molasses cookie, but don't eat it - it does NOT taste like a molasses cookie.

Follow the instructions by rubbing it on to your lips dry and then rinsing off with a warm, damp wash cloth. It will leave your lips flake free and smooth. I do this routine a few times a week and follow with lip balm to seal in the moisture and extend the softness.