wardrobe essentials: winter coat

Last weekend, a classmate was sharing her struggle with finding stylish yet appropriate winter wear. During our conversation, she complimented me on my coat and said something like why can't I find something like that. This got me thinking about my strategy for coat shopping and how I got my coat(s).

Finding a good coat can be a complicated process. I have had my mind made up about a style or cut only to discover it is nowhere to be found or sold out in my size. It can be disheartening and can make you settle for something that is not quite right to just get it over with. You must fight the urge to settle because it is entirely possible to find something you will enjoy for years to come.

When I find a good one, I tend to keep it for awhile. In fact, the coat, which my classmate complimented, is five years old! Since I have a tendency to keep costs for awhile, I feel comfortable investing extra money from my wardrobe budget towards coats. Especially when the additional money is towards a functional and fashionable must have piece. 

I start looking for a replacement once one begins to fall from favor or is no longer useful/mendable/etc. Since I keep a few coats in my wardrobe, I can wait until I find a solid one to add to the rotation. Sometimes it will take me a long time to find a replacement, in fact, I have gone at least a year looking for a good coat before. Even with potential lengthy delays, I have found this strategy to work fairly well. I (almost always) have a small rotation of quality coats that fit my lifestyle and keep me warm. 

So there you have some insight into my coat shopping strategy! I hope that it is helpful. Here is an edit of my current favorite coats on the market. Keep in mind that some of them are on sale so if they strike you as a winner, you may want to move quickly as they will not be around forever. 

1. & Other Stories wool-blend coat. A standout piece with a print that is sure to cheer you up.

2. AYR cocoon coat. An updated classic in a wintery white.

3. j. crew lady day coat. A feminine, polished piece with the added bonus of thinsulate.

4. Steven Alan evening coat. A first glance this looks black but it is really a stunning deep green.

5. COS flared back wool coat. A modern, clean-lined a-line shape perfect for colorful accessories.

6. All Saints jax coat. An off-duty beauty in burgundy that will add edge to workwear.