tsa approved pouch

In preparation for a recent trip to Vegas, I was thinking about heading to Target to get some more Ziploc bags for my liquid toiletries or getting a reusable clear pouch from Muji or Sephora, when came across a new company that specializes in clear pouches - Truffle.

The petite clarity size was perfect for the TSA 3-1-1 rule and had pretty details. I liked the colored piping and panel, red zipper with a sturdy pull, and, most important, its clear, wipeable body. It seemed modern and functional. I decided to get the seafoam/cream and try it out.



I've used it a couple times for travel so far. It has worked wonderfully for my carry on needs. Easy, breezy, right through security. It comes flat but expands well (trust me, I stuffed it full, to the point that my husband was doubting if I'd be able to close it!) when in use. It is proving to be quite useful and a major upgrade from what I was using before!

In between travels, I use it for my daily essentials. It is great to be able to see what I'm looking for and quickly retrieve it without having to dig around in the bottomless pit that is my work tote to find it. Here is a visual of my petite clarity.