trench coats: classic vs. contemporary

One item I have been strongly considering for a long time, on and off,  is a trench coat. It came back into mind when I was planning my style direction for spring and summer. I try to plan my purchases and consider how each piece will add to my wardrobe and style direction. I like the polish that jackets and coats add to looks and I am missing a longer length coat, suitable for warmer months. A trench coat could be a good addition to my wardrobe. So, I began looking at different cuts, colors, and fabrications. 

A major component of my trench coat decision is whether I should go with a classic version or a contemporary one. The obvious benefit of a classic is that it has staying power and can stand the test of time. However, some of the cuts and color options of the contemporary pieces were interesting and flattering updates. Even if a classic version of an item can stand the test of time, it doesn't guarantee that it will stand the test of time on you. It is probably best to go with a style, classic or contemporary, that has a color and cut that suits you best. 

I haven't purchased a trench coat yet, once/if I do I will post an update.