my signature scent story

Do you have a signature scent? It seems that people fall into either the camp that has one or a few favorites that they stick with or the camp that constantly changes scents with their mood. I am a stick with favorites camp person. Over the years my favorites have shifted slightly but there is a common thread that attaches all of the fragrances that I have been drawn towards. 

It all started with Jean Paul Gaultier Summer fragrance. Each year Jean Paul Gaultier does a special edition fragrance, that is a take on his Classique fragrance, meant for warmer weather. The Summer version retains the warmth as a lighter oriental floral but loses some of the heaviness that can be associated with warm fragrances. The moment I put it on, it was love. 

Then, it was Gucci Envy. This fragrance was different from JPG in that it had a green, floral note but it still maintained that warmth in the base. I was hooked. The next one I did not choose for myself, it was a gift that I just ended up loving - Chanel Coco Mademoiselle. It is floral with jasmine and rose in the heart and a warm oriental base. 

My latest love is Frederic Malle Iris Poudre. It has a warm base that ties it to my lineage here but the iris is the star. It was created by Pierre Bourdon. In the description of the fragrance, it is said that if Iris Poudre were a garment, it would be a cashmere sweater, classic but personal. I fell hard for that. This fragrance, like the others before it, has that quality that makes me feel like an ideal version of myself. Warm, floral, classic yet modern.