Happy New Year! Bonne Annee! 2014 was filled with opportunity for growth and changes. So many wonderful things happened in my life yet I was still eager to move forward into 2015. 


I took the time during the holidays to unplug and reflect on the year. It was needed. We can all get wrapped up in events, things and busyness in general. It can cast shadow on things that are truly important and meaningful in our lives. 

One thing, I learned from in 2014, was my experimentation with a capsule wardrobe. I decided to try a capsule wardrobe quietly and if it worked, to bring it to this platform for the following capsule. The concept is promising and can be an effective and stylish solution for some people. However, I learned that those people are not me. I am not a capsule wardrobe person. I understand the merits of it and the benefit it can add it a person's life, but it just is not me. And that is not only OK, it was a great moment of growth in understanding my own personal style and approach.

I planned my color palette, key pieces and a uniform look as a fallback - all fun and insightful about my taste. I used my plan to go shopping to fill in the gaps in my wardrobe and got started. The problem was when I was getting dressed, I just kept feeling stifled and fashion was not fun. I thought, perhaps, tweaking a color here or a key piece there could help but that does not align with the central premise of capsuling. I struggled with it and became a bit wrapped up in how off it felt. It was hard for me to accept, and this was a mistake. 

When I was reflecting on the year, I realized how silly this all was. While personal style is important to me, I should not allow a mistake in my approach hold me back, I should use it as a learning opportunity. That is what I decided to do. So in the upcoming season I am going to try a new approach, the five-piece french wardrobe (5PFW) and look forward to continuing to learn and grow in my personal style. 



I will be sharing more information on the 5PFW method and my take on it. Do you follow a specific wardrobe method? What have you found to work?