getting pampered in philadelphia

While I was in Philadelphia for a weekend trip, I decided to try out Rescue Rittenhouse Spa for a manicure/pedicure. I opted for the Classic 30 Min Manicure and the Classic 30 Min Pedicure and had no trouble booking the services on a Saturday morning. The spa is located on the second floor of a medical building which made it a little difficult to find (I heard from a nail technician there that they may be moving to another location soon) but provides a respite from the somewhat noisy streets surrounding the popular Rittenhouse Square neighborhood.

When I arrived, the staff quickly got me situated at the pedicure station with a cup of tea and a biscuit. I love that the pedicure station had clean, neutral colors and no jetted tubs (icky). The nail technician came and began working on my feet. I was really interested to see how a 30 minute pedicure would come out or if they would scrimp on any of the steps, but they didn't short cut at all, used quality products, and finished on time to move on to my manicure. The manicure was equally delightful. It was done at a long table with cushioned chairs to sit on and fluffy towels to rest my arms and hands. The nail technician, again, worked efficiently through the manicure and gave me a hand massage that nearly put me to sleep - it was wonderful. When the service was done (on time, important to note since sometimes nail technicians either rush or take forever) my digits were cleaned up, moisturized and polished - exactly what I want in a service.

For the usually painfully boring drying time, I was ushered over to a small sitting area with a couch, coffee table, etc. One of the staff came over and offered to make me a cappuccino to enjoy while I waited! If I wasn't sold on this place yet, that sealed the deal. I took her up on the offer and it was delicious. My nails dried as I sipped my cappuccino and carefully perused through French Vogue. The check out was very smooth and I was on my way. When I am in Philadelphia, I will surely revisit this gem.