cultivate your style: colorful trousers

While I love my neutrals, sometimes I just want to wear some color. Color has the power to convey confidence, to brighten your outlook, and to draw compliments. I have a pair of purple trousers and almost whenever I wear them someone notices. They are one of my favorite colorful items of clothing. 

Color is a tool that you can and should use. It could be in a small way or an entirely technicolor look. With that in mind, I have put together two ways to wear a favorite from my closet, colorful trousers. 

Grounding neutrals

This look is a safe and subtle way to incorporate colorful trousers. The color grounds the other neutral pieces and visually breaks up all the black. Use texture to add interest to the outfit through your neutrals. 

Matching set

matching set trousers.jpg

This look focuses on styling colorful trousers in a full-on, saturated way. Keep the rest of the look minimal - too much more will complicate things. Look out for the matching set in 2016 - it is a fashion favorite. 

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