splurge versus save: statement cat eye sunglasses

I first noticed these bold sunglasses when I was browsing around on the web for a new pair. These caught my eye because of design play that uses the classic, cat eye base and funks it up a bit with a vibrant blue, orange, and clear color combination. The colors are swirled around the peaks of the cat eye and along the arms of the sunglasses, making these quite the statement! 

I have long been a fan of Miu Miu and the high-end fashion brand's ability to infuse playfulness into the brand's concept. These sunglasses indeed deliver on it. The sunglasses also come at a high-end price, $390 to be precise.

For some $390 may be well worth it for a little piece of Miu Miu whimsy. For others, it may be too much to spend on a statement piece like this, on sunglasses in general, or some may just want to try the trend before committing. These near replicas from Pixie Market may do the trick for those looking to save a few dollars. They come in at $16. 

Which would you choose, the splurge or the save?