5PFW: SS15 #1

As promised in this post, I am experimenting with the 5 Piece French Wardrobe (5PFW) concept this season. The very basic idea of 5PFW is first, to build a well-edited collection of basics. Then, to supplement them with five pieces each season (with seasons defined as spring/summer and fall/winter) to add interest, personality, and variation. 

There are many sources available to learn further about 5PFW, and the “rules”, especially given the never-ending fascination with anything related to French fashion and style. If you are interested in this wardrobe method or any other for that matter, I will encourage you to do what is right for you. If you are a rule-oriented person - study up, plan, and get precise. However, if you need or want a little more flexibility, try what I am experimenting with this season - be kind to yourself, choose consciously, buy better, buy less. 

With all that said, let’s get on with my first 5PFW purchase for spring/summer. I knew that I wanted to try to find a piece while I was on holiday in Montreal. I love getting souvenirs while I am on travel. The items serve as a moment of a place and always feel more special for that memory connection.

Montreal is a great city, and we had a great time. The people were friendly and warm. The food was diverse and delicious. We enjoyed seeing many of the city's sights and cultural attractions. We also spent some time shopping around in the old city and the expansive underground city. Here are some images I captured while there.

One place where I always enjoy visiting is a museum gift shop. There are usually unique items that pique my interest. While we were in Montreal, I made sure to stop in the Musee d'art Contemporain de Montreal Boutique after checking out the exhibits. The boutique had many lovely things, but I was instantly drawn to a jewelry case off to the left of the entrance. It had these modern, sculptural jewelry delights. I chatted with the sales associate and discovered that the line of jewelry I was admiring was from a local designer - how cool! I focused in on a beautiful, simple ring and decided to try it on. It fit! I decided to go for it.

My first 5PFW piece, the inside pearl ring is super. Quite different than any other ring I own. I've been wearing it on my pointer finger, and I look forward to wearing it for years to come. 

Unique, right! 

Are you using any wardrobe strategies this spring/summer? Stay tuned for my remaining four pieces for 5PFW SS15. I will also share my basics and plan for selecting the right pieces.