picking a destination

I don't know about you but I am consistently letting my wanderlust take hold during daydreams, thinking about all of the places that I'd like to visit. One of my problems is that my list is so long, it can become difficult to prioritize and actually select a destination when it is time to travel. I could go here, or there, or there...sigh. It can be fun some times to let you mind wander but other times you just need to decide. That is where Trip Tuner comes in.

Trip Tuner is a fun and easy travel website that uses the idea of a music tuning sliders to help you discover and determine potential destinations based on a six preference indicators. You can reset the sliders to start over as many times as needed. I tried it out and some of my top matches included Palm Springs, CA, Nice, France, Copacabana, Bolivia, and Memphis, Tennessee. When you select an option, you can pull up more information, book a hotel, and view similar destinations.

Check it out the next time you need to choose and go on your trip!